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With Shelley in Italy

With Shelley in Italy

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"I still inhabit this divine bay, reading Spanish dramas, and sailing and listening to the most enchanting music. My only regret is that the summer must ever pass." -Shelley, in one of his last letters, p. 279. Self-exiled from England at the age of twenty-six, Percy Bysshe Shelley spent the remainder of his life, four years, in Italy. To many, these are the years that brought his genius to maturity. "Prometheus Unbound" and "The Cenci" were two of the pieces written during this period from 1818 to 1822. WITH SHELLEY IN ITALY includes letters, essays, poetry and fragments written in Italy. Anne Benneson McMahan selected and arranged these writings to set them in the context of their original environment and to reveal the Italian atmosphere in which they were conceived. This book was originally published in 1905. It is lavishly illustrated with full page black & white illustrations from photographs. McMahan was also the editor of FLORENCE IN THE POETRY OF THE BROWNINGS.

  • Professionally designed hardcover
  • Rounded with Headbands for a classic look
  • Black & white illustrations throughout the text

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