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Vermont in the Civil War Volume II

Vermont in the Civil War Volume II

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By: G.G. Benedict

When Volume I of this history was issued, the work of preparation of Volume II was well advanced toward completion. But the effect of the publication of the first volume was to delay the publication of the second; for it awakened many of the Vermont veterans, seemingly for the first time, to the fact that a careful history of the Vermont troops was in preparation. As a consequence, documents, diaries, warletters, and reminiscences, for which I had long been asking in vain, poured in upon me. Conflicting accounts of many important matters were received. Questions which I had considered settled were reopened and had to be investigated and decided anew. So much important additional material was thus received, that the manuscript for this volume had to be wholly rearranged and most of it rewritten.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598381962
  • Page Count: 836
  • Book Height: 9.25 x Width: 1.5625 x Length: 6.125 inches

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