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Upton’s Civil War Service: A History and Roster

Upton’s Civil War Service: A History and Roster

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This book chronicles the history of the contributions of the Town of Upton in the Civil War. It describes the actions taken by the town as a municipality. It enlightens the reader as to the involvements of the Women and service of men of African descent for the Town of Upton, from 1861 to 1865. It identifies two stations in Upton, of the Underground Railroad, one assisting more than 500 escaped slaves to reach Canada for freedom. It denotes how Upton people started an abolitionist organization in Worcester and brought national leaders to speak in Upton.

It contains a detailed biographical sketch of each soldier’s service that was accredited to the Town of Upton. This sketch, with all information found, will include when and where he enlisted and his military history; when and where he was born; his parents’ names, including his mother’s maiden name; when and where he was married, including his wife’s maiden name and their children’s names; his date and cause of death, as well as his final resting place. It incorporates a brief description of the unit he served in. The reader is able to note his dates of service and compare that to the regimental history, and then will understand that soldier’s involvement in the war. There is also a section of the book that describes the life of the soldier, when not in battle. It portrays the recruitment, camp life, conscription, commutation, desertions, executions, bounties paid and a host of other particulars of a soldier’s life. It is also a great aid to those searching genealogy of those who served in the Civil War.

  • ISBN 978-1-941573-46-4
  • 7 x 10  Hardcover
  • Author: Tom A. C. Ellis, Jr.
  • Editor: Pamela W. Ellis

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Publisher: Damianos Publishing

Author: Tom A. C. Ellis, Jr.

Page Count: 360

* Publisher: Damianos Publishing

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