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Under the Garden Gate: Delightful true tales of animals in the backyard

Under the Garden Gate: Delightful true tales of animals in the backyard

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By: Thistle

Meet a nervous woodchuck, a misbehaving squirrel, a playful bunny, a mouse who will not stay out of the house and other backyard animals as they come into the yard, under the garden gate. Thistle uniquely captures the amusing antics of these little creatures in verse and colored pencil illustration in her debut book - Under the Garden Gate.

“. . . The verses scan well, mostly fitting into a standard scansion and using common rhymes, easily understandable for emergent readers. Some vocabulary words (including louse, magnolia, and sauntered) may help readers stretch without ever losing sight of the subject of the poem. . . .” -Kirkus Reviews

These delightful poems are perfect for children and anyone with a love for animals and nature. They make wonderful bedtime treats, helping to spark the readers’ imagination of visitors to their own backyard.

Find Thistle on the web at Hear the poems read by Thistle and see real-life videos of the animals in her backyard.

When asked what he liked about the book - “Thistle reading her book to us and all the details of the pictures.” - Evan age 8

  • 10 x 8 Hardcover 

  • ISBN 978-1-941573-47-1

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Publisher: Damianos Publishing

Author: Thistle

Page Count: 36

* Publisher: Damianos Publishing

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