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Turkeys and How to Grow Them

Turkeys and How to Grow Them

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"No book in existence gives an adequate account of the turkey, - its development from wild state to the various breeds, and complete directions for breeding, feeding, rearing and marketing these beautiful and profitable birds." Originally published in 1914, this treatise on the natural history and origin of the name of turkey includes information on various breeds, and best methods to ensure success in the business of raising turkeys. Essays from practical turkey growers in the United States and Canada are included. Written with the assistance of breeders of thoroughbred turkeys and specialists in raising turkeys for market among others, this volume provides, not only helpful information, but also a unique view of the needs and business of poultry farming at the turn of the century . The book is indexed for easy reference and is illustrated with charts as well as over 30 black & white drawings and photographs.

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