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Tomato Production

Tomato Production

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The tomato is grown from Florida to Michigan and California, from desert to fertile, well-watered plain, from January to December. Hence one simple set of directions is out of the question. In this book the author has attempted rather to lead the reader to a full understanding of the tomato plant, its habits and, its needs. A wealth of example from actual practice serve to show how any facts and principles can be woven into plants to fit any situation, from home, garden to crop-field. Reasons for things make the back-bone of the book. The entire tone of the work is intensely practical. It is the most complete, reliable and authoritative book on the tomato yet published. Should be in the hands of every grower whether on a large or small scale.

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Paul Work

Page Count: 142

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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