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To Neutral Peace Lovers

To Neutral Peace Lovers

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By: William Archer

Excerpt from page 3: As the war drags on into its third year, a curious phenomenon is becoming more and more noticeable. The neutral countries are growing more war-weary than the belligerent countries-at any rate than those belligerents who are not subjected to the pressure of the blockade. And this weariness is having the curious effect of making the friends of peace-at-any-price play into the hands of the champions of war-at-any-price. They clamor for a peace which would leave all the moral issues of the war undetermined, if not determined in the wrong sense, and which would enable Germany to maintain, with some plausibility, that war had once more proved a paying speculation for her. To all reasonable peace-lovers, that must surely seem the one intolerable disaster. If the German belief in war as "good business" is able to hold up its head at the end of the struggle, the prospects of enduring peace fade away into the mists of an immeasurable distance.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598384291

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