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The Writings of Samuel Adams Volume IV

The Writings of Samuel Adams Volume IV

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By: Harry Alonzo Cushing

Excerpt from Preface:The writings of no one of the leaders of the Ameri�can Revolution form a more complete expression of the causes and justification of that movement than do those of Samuel Adams. None of his contempo�raries was so closely identified with the agitation which preceded that crisis, or displayed at that time greater facility as a writer or more unquali�fied devotion to public affairs. - In both the politics and the literature of the American Revolution his writings constitute a distinct and essential element. As a recognized leader in the politics of his native town, as a member and also as clerk of the Massa�chusetts House of Representatives, and later as a member of the Continental Congress, he was able to develop and to maintain a strong, and at times con�trolling, influence in the affairs of Massachusetts and of the new nation. By an active correspondence, by the preparation of many official documents, and by numberless newspaper articles, he was able to guide and to express the sentiment of the American prov�inces as they prepared for the struggle which divided the empire. Throughout that contest, and thereafter even in his declining years, Adams remained quite continuously in public life, and his later writings reflect the influence which he still exert Editor

  • ISBN-13: 9781598388343
  • 452 pages
  • Paperback : 6 x 9 inches

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