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The Works of Thomas Jefferson: Volume IV (Paperback)

The Works of Thomas Jefferson: Volume IV (Paperback)

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By: Paul Leicester Ford, Editor

The Federal Edition of The Works of Thomas Jefferson is the pinnacle compilation of Jefferson’s writings as Paul Leicester Ford, Editor, Editor (1865 -1902). Published in 1904 after Ford’s death, this edition includes Jefferson's original footnotes as well as footnotes from the editor and an Introduction by Ford in Volume I that is both unbiased and thorough stating that his reason for this undertaking was "To meet the need of a new edition of the writings of Thomas Jefferson-Not content in relying upon the Jefferson MSS. in the Department of State, from which, substantially, the former editions were compiled, the present editor, while making full use of the records of the Department, has obtained many interesting documents from the papers of Jefferson still in the hands of his descendants; the papers of the Continental Congress the archives of the State of Virginia; the files of the French Foreign Office; the private papers of Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Stueben, and Gates; as well as from many state archive, historical societies, and private collections throughout the country." This volume chronicles Jefferson's works from January 1783 to December 1785, including highlights such as: Resolutions Relating to British Treaty, December, 1783; Resolution and Ratification of Definitive Treaty, January 14th, 1784; To James Monroe, Value of French Freindship -June 17th, 1785.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598381214

  • Page Count: 546

  • Book Height: 10 x Width: 1.25 x Length: 7 inches

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