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The Truth a Companion to the Bible

The Truth a Companion to the Bible

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Is hell for the poor but not for the rich? St. James answers that "your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth eaten..." In this 19th century companion to the Bible, Charles J. Guiteau, a lawyer, theologian and lecturer touches on the most important aspects of Christianity making it easier to understand. Published in the year New York's Madison Square Garden opened for the first time, "The Truth" was written in hope that many souls would find the Savior through reading its 5 sections. The first section "Attacks on the Bible" refutes a number of that era's attacks on Christians and the Holy Bible. The second section is about the Apostle Paul and goes well with the book of Romans in your copy of the Bible. The third section is about Christ's second coming which meticulously lists time, place, actual words written in the Bible, and the views of many of the disciples. The fourth section is about Christianity from the destruction of Jerusalem to the present day where the author ends the chapter talking about D. L. Moody (1837-1899) a prominent evangelist from Chicago. Lastly, Guiteau finishes this digestible volume with the topic of "Hades." He specifically mentions David Livingstone, who passed 6 years before the book was published, as a harbinger of the end times because of his mission work in Africa. Published in 1879, by Donnelley, Gaddette & Loyd; the same year Thomas Edison unveiled the light bulb.


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