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The Seaman's Manual

The Seaman's Manual

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This work is published at the same time in England and in America. In the latter country it appears under the title of the" Seaman's Friend;" while that of the "Seaman's Manual" is adopted in the British edition, as more significant of the nature of the book. Mr. Dana has here embodied in a small space and unpretending form a variety of information, which it is hoped may be extensively useful. Not that men who have been bred to the sea can be supposed to derive much instruction from the elementary hints of a book of this kind. Seamanship, like every other manual art, is thoroughly acquired by practice; and skill in its various branches can only be arrived at by actual experience. But young beginners will find useful helps in their study of the duties of sea life, in the details and explanations here collected from the best available sources. Finally, it is hoped that the various classes of society which are led by their callings, duty, or affection, to take an interest in sea-faring men, and who may wish to know something of their business and their language, will find this little Manual useful for occasional reference. It cannot be expected to have the same claims to public favour as the Author's former work. But even in these pages, which only aim at being useful, the reader will not fail to perceive indications of the same good sense and right spirit which were so conspicuous in that remarkable production. From the Editors Preface to The Seaman’s Manual by R.H. Dana, Jr.

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: R. H. Dana

Page Count: 292

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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