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The Odyssey of Homer

The Odyssey of Homer

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Acirc;"And there did I hear of Odysseus: for he gave me to understand That him had he guested and cherished on his way to his fatherland. And the heap of wealth he showed me that Odysseus thither had brought, Of brass, and of gold, and of iron most fine, and deftly wroughtAcirc;...Acirc;" Written around the late 8th or early 7th century BC, the Odyssey is only the second earliest work of Western literature known to modern historians and anthropologists. The original Greek text is commonly accepted as the work of Homer, who lived in a Greek speaking coastal region of Turkey. This version named, The Odyssey of Homer Done into English Verse, was translated by William Morris. Morris who was famous for both his artistic and literary pursuits, translated and illuminated numerous volumes, beginning with many ancient and medieval classics of Iceland and mainland Europe. MorrisAcirc;' translation is split into 24 books, similar to most ancient and modern translations, but not considered to be how HomerAcirc;'s original text was formatted. Despite the similarities to other texts MorrisAcirc;' translation uses the floral language Romantic Poets more than strictly classical dialect, making this a unique and irreplaceable piece of literature. Originally published in by Longmans, Green, and Company in 1896. Best known as a textile designer and artist, William Morris was associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Arts and Crafts Movement in England. Along with this translation of the Odyssey of Homer, Morris would design and translate many other medieval and ancient books including The Saga of Gunnlaug Worm-Tongue and VirgilAcirc;'s Aeneid. It was doing these translations and designing tapestries that would express his love or the medieval that he spent the later years of his life consumed in. William Morris died at Kelmscott House, in Hammersmith in 1896.

  • Dust jacket protects and enhances the book while providing you with a built in bookmark
  • Translated by the notable designer William Morris

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