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Silver Street Media

The National Cook Book

The National Cook Book

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"This collection of receipts, which has long been known as "The National Cook Book", was writ­ten by Hannah M. Peterson, at the suggestion of her husband, Robert E. Peterson, M. D. Mrs. Peterson was eminently qualified for this task, as she had been taught by her mother, one of the Miss Widdifields', a family which has been long and favorably known, in the city of Philadelphia, for its skill in all that pertained to the Culinary art. The 'Widdifields' were all members of the Society of Friends, generally called Quakers, and nowhere in the world can be found better cooking and better tables than among the Friends of Philadelphia." -Excerpt from Preface

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Hannah M. Bouvier

Page Count: 324

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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