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The Mystery of Cloomber

The Mystery of Cloomber

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"A danger which was real and imminent, not to be averted by human means and yet hardly supernatural- here was a conundrum indeed!" Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's deep fascination with spiritualism and the paranormal permeate this classic mystery. To his fellow residents on the remote Western coast of Scotland, Major Heatherstone's behavior seems far from orthodox. Spurning all attempts at friendship, he becomes a recluse in Cloomber Hall, forbidding his children even to leave their home. Unbeknownst to him, however, the children strike up a friendship with the neighboring Hunter Wests. Slowly the cause of the Major's paranoia, and his fear of the fifth of October comes to light. As September draws to a close, and as they hear of the mysterious arrival of three Buddhist monks, they can only watch in vain, as it seems the Major's secret will not be laid to rest until vengeance is made. This less known mystery of the famous author of Sherlock Holmes was originally published in 1895 by R.F. Fenno & Company.

  • Enhanced paperback with French flaps
  • High Quality durable cover.

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