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The Lottery System in the United States

The Lottery System in the United States

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By: Job R. Tyson

"The lottery - our ancestors pronounced it to be a mischievous and unlawful game - detrimental to youth and ruinous to the poor, the source of fraud and dishonesty alike hurtful to industry, commerce, and trade and baneful to the interests of good citizenship, morality and virtue." Job R. Tyson’s passionate writing focuses its analysis on the negatives of the lottery system in the United States, while surmising its origins, the evils associated with it and the necessity our American society to eliminate it completely. He initially postulates that "The lottery, then, is a weed which is not indigenous to this soil," stating that it is in fact a leftover from Britain, and that at our roots, the States tried to do away with it. Tyson moves through his thorough analysis of the arguments in scientific order, declaring false claims that called it a voluntary tax, and pronouncing it unfit as a source of revenue. Though it may not prevail on everyone in our society to agree with Tyson’s analysis, his exhaustive study offers us some lively food for thought about the morals surrounding how we generate revenue. Originally published by E. L. Carey & A. Hart in 1837.

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