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The Life of an Explorer: From 1 to 91 Years +

The Life of an Explorer: From 1 to 91 Years +

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People who love exploring, skydiving, flying, sailing, romance, history, and the high seas should read this memoir. So should students of business, marketing, and management. But there is a larger group who should take interest in this book: people who love life and want to know how to live a good long one. The latter group will reap the most rewards from this reading — because with all the tales of intrigue and adventure, there are still more rousing lessons to be learned here on how to turn each flight of life into a hand-drawn map to the next one.

This is the story of a child born during the depression who after graduating from St. Bernard’s School and Virginia Tech, succeeds wildly as a TV executive, before joining The Explorer’s Club and going beginning his worldwide adventures as a pilot, cave diver, mountain climber and a History Channel documentarian, most notably about the Magellan-Elcano circumnavigation of the world.  This new hardcover edition will be of particular interest to members at The Explorers Club who want to learn more about their esteemed Chair of the Film Archive.

  • Cloth Hardcover, color.
  • 978-1-5422-0691-4

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Robert Hemm

Page Count: 150

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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