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The Irish in the American Revolution

The Irish in the American Revolution

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Irishmen and Irish-Americans who fought, suffered and died in the cause of American liberty and independence. ~James Haltigan, from the Introduction In the late 18th century, under social and political pressures, historians presented a revisionist view which diminished the role of the Irish and Irish-Americans in the history of the young republic. The Irish in the American Revolution and Their Early Influence in the Colonies, originally published in 1908, was among the first publications to restore both an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the roles played by the Irish and Irish Americans in United States history. Scores of Irish-Americans served in the front ranks of leadership in the early years of the United States. The eloquence and statesmanship of some, and the military acumen of others, were fundamental in establishing American liberty and independence. Patrick Henry, John Sullivan, Henry Knox, as well as other early colonial leaders and military heroes are among the Irish-Americans restored to their original prominence in this historical retrospective. JAMES HALTIGAN is recognized for his ongoing role in preserving the spirit of the Irish nationality in the United States. His father, John Haltigan, was publisher of the militant journal, "The Irish People" in 1863, and his brother Patrick was a publisher as well as editor of "The National Hibernian."

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