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The Hecuba of Euripides

The Hecuba of Euripides

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This volume, using the full Greek text, contains notes in English at various stages through the book. Originally written in 425 BC., The Hecuba is a Greek tragedy set after the Trojan War ends. The story begins with as ghost of Achilles appears above his tomb in Sigeum, warning that he must have a sacrifice before the Greek soldiers are allowed to depart. That sacrifice, he commands, must be a Trojan woman, who turns out to be Hecuba's daughter, Polyxena. Throughout the beginning of the story, Hecuba is besought with visions, notably those of Polydorus, who we first see narrating the story of his own murder at the hand of Polymester, the King of Thrace who was a friend to Hecuba's husband Priam. This wrong, in conjunction with the sacrifice of her daughter enrages Hecuba. Demanding revenge, she entreats Agamemnon Commander of the Greek army to help her; Agamemnon agrees to send a messenger to bring Polymester and his children to her. Exacting her revenge, his children are killed and his eyes gouged out by the Trojan women. This version contains the full Greek text with an extensive notes, appendix, grammatical index and vocabulary; originally published in 1901 by George Bell & sons.

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