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Silver Street Media

The Dream Book and Fortune-Teller

The Dream Book and Fortune-Teller

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"In presenting this little book to the notice of the Public, a few words of explanation are necessary. Even in this age of marvels, and in spite of the belief placed by so many in the wonders of Mesmerism, Biology, and Spirit-rapping, the cul­tivated mind shrinks from the idea of it being permitted to finite intelligence to lift the dread veil of Futurity, and disclose to our weak mortal vision, the weal or woe, destined as our lot. I would therefore entreat my readers to believe that these pages have been compiled solely with a view to their amusement, and for the purpose of aiding them to while away an idle hour in harmless mirth, and trusting they will, Be to my faults a little blind, And to my virtues very kind, bid them adieu."

-Excerpt from Preface

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Louisa Lawford

Page Count: 138

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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