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The Curiosities Of Ale and Beer

The Curiosities Of Ale and Beer

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By: John Bickerdyke

The art of beverage fermentation reaches back into antiquity with Egypt's barley-wine. This same country later found it necessary to suppress its ever-increasing number of beer-shops (circa 2,000 B.C.). So says John Bickerdyke in his book, The Curiosities of Beer and Ale: An Entertaining History ,a 440 page treatise filled with amazing tales, laws, customers, "sayings and songs". The author focuses on the consumption of ale across England's social strata, where heated debates arose over the use of the terms beer verses ale: Was it a "fermented drink made usually from malt and water without hops," or the 16th century "hopped ale"?

  • ISBN-13: 9781598382013

  • Page Count: 462

  • Book Height: 9 x Width: 1.0625x Length: 6 inches

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