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The Best You Through Hypnosis: Total Mind and Body Transformation

The Best You Through Hypnosis: Total Mind and Body Transformation

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By: Cristina Di Nardo-Dupre

You may think you have tried this before, but nothing compares to the program contained in the pages of this book. Let go of your cravings and bad eating habits once and for all. Enjoy the ability to eat delicious and healthy foods, while still losing weight. Maintain a happy, healthy and clear mind. Connect your mind with your body for total wellness. All of this is possible with Cristina’s Weight Loss through Hypnosis program.

The author, Cristina Di Nardo-Dupre, is also the director and founder of the Individual and Family Counseling Center and Dupre Hypnosis. Cristina has a Master’s Degree from the University of Connecticut and is a practicing Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She is trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis and has done post-graduate studies on eating disorders at the Center for Study and Family Therapy in Milan, Italy. Utilizing her experience in health care, her studies in Milan and her training in hypnosis, Cristina was inspired to create a healthy lifestyle plan.

By combining Clinical Hypnosis, healthy recipes, a daily schedule and Cristina’s Six Incentives, you are given the tools you need to create the body you have always dreamed of. As you learn how and what to eat, the hypnosis recording will help you to let go of your cravings and keep you focused and motivated to reach your goal. By following a daily schedule and using Cristina’s Six Incentives you will conquer the fear of ever gaining the weight back and develop new healthy habits. It is important that your mind and your body are connected in order to achieve total transformation. To truly be healthy means to have a sound mind in a healthy body. 

In purchasing this book, you have successfully taken the first step on your journey to this new healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in more information on Cristina’s Weight Loss through Hypnosis program please contact Dupre Hypnosis.

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Author: Cristina Di Nardo-Dupre

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