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The Annual Report of the Town of Barrington 1910-1915

The Annual Report of the Town of Barrington 1910-1915

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This compilation of the town of Barringon's 1910-1915 Annual Reports provides records important from historic, social and genealogical perspectives as well as a glimpse into town life at that time. Birth, marriage and death records are provided along with a Treasurer's report, Selectman's Statement and a detailed report from the Board of Education. Inventories of townspeople, land, livestock, cash on hand, stocks, mills and machinery are recorded. Bills and receipts are accounted for Roads and Bridges, Town and School Officers, Tuition and School Supplies, Paupers, Abatements, Property bought by the Town, Notes and Interest Paid, and Dog Damage. Claims against the town and tax records are also included.

  • Thoroughly indexed to assist with family searches and geneological information gathering
  • Rounded with Headbands for a classic look
  • Professionally designed hardcover

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