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The American Apple Orchard

The American Apple Orchard

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By: F.A. Waugh

The American Apple Orchard is, as Waugh notes, "written from the standpoint of the commercial fruit grower." It is a complete treatise that deals with all aspects of apple culture, ranging from soil preparation, propagation, orchard planning, cultivation, cover cropping, pruning, fertilizing, pest, and disease management, harvesting, and marketing. He includes lists of over 280 varieties of apples, comprehensive black and white photographs and illustrations, and a chapter on "The Family Orchard", which he stresses is of equal importance. Those seeking to learn more about the history of apple production and secrets of the trade will find this work most enlightening.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598382983
  • Page Count: 228
  • Book Height: 8 x Width: 0.5 x Length: 5 inches

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