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The Adventures of Mr. Ledbury

The Adventures of Mr. Ledbury

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By: Albert Smith

Excerpt from Chapter 1:Mr. Ledbury was a pale young gentleman of four-and-twenty, having short, ligh curly hair, a very smooth face, and no whiskers; being short-sighted, and standing about five feet eleven in his improved Albert boots ('gent's new style'), and one inch less in his pumps. His acquaintances called him 'a lawyer's clerk;' his friends said he was 'studying with a conveyancer;' and he did not contradict it when he heard it affirmed that he was 'reading for the bar.' But he was not a regular law-student for all that. He did not reside in any of the inns of Lincoln, Gray, Clement, Furnival, or others; he did not go to the theatres every other night; he read law-books occasionally; and he inclined to ginger-beer, tea, cider, and other harmless beverages that suited his mild idiosyncrasy. He rose early; took long walks on fine afternoons to Hampstead, and other suburban ruralities; played the flute a little; subscribed to a knowledge-diffusing periodical; called Harley 'a very humorous performer,' and thought Mrs. Nesbitt a 'very fas�cinating actress.' Perhaps our readers will now recognise him ; indeed, we think some of them have met him before.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598388985
  • 554 pages
  • Paperback : 7 x 10 inches

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