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Silver Street Media

Temperance Cook Book

Temperance Cook Book

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"A Temperance Cook Book is one of the great necessities of the age. There should be nothing in our eatables to awaken the ap­petite of the reformed, and we certainly want nothing to cultivate a taste for intoxicating drinks in the young. With this view, I bring this, my second volume before the public, as a guide and assistant to all housekeepers-not claiming superiority over the many cook books already in the market-only so far as liquor and extravagance is concerned. Most of the cook books are made up of recipes too expensive for common cooking, and lack explana­tions, which the housekeeper sadly needs in arranging her cook­ery. This want I have supplied by explaining minutely every recipe, showing just how all the ingredients should be put to­gether, and have adopted measures instead of weights as far as I could, so that any person using them cannot fail to cook well if the rules are strictly followed." - Excerpt from the Preface

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Mary G. Smith

Page Count: 278

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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