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Study of Mary Wollstonecraft

Study of Mary Wollstonecraft

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By: Emma Rauschenbusch-Clough

Later in 1898 Rauschenbusch-Clough wrote A Study of Mary Wollstonecraft and the Rights of Women , in which she asserts in the preface that "a full analytical and critical investigation" of Wollstonecraft's views on the social issues surrounding women continued to remain unexplored. Using a myriad of sources, including those at the University Libraries of Zurich and Vienna, she investigates Wollstonecraft's influence upon "her German contemporaries," along with her views on religion, ethics, the rights of men and women, female education, and "the relation of her views to those of [William] Godwin and later Socialists."

  • ISBN-13: 9781598382204
  • Page Count: 280
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