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SMARTer Job Hunting

SMARTer Job Hunting

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Read this book to learn how to find a job you will treasure by putting yourself first.

If you are looking to - advance your career, change professions, return to the workforce after some time away, reevaluate your current job, retire from the military, recover from a layoff, find a job while over 50, or seek your first job after graduating from school, this book will provide you with in-depth knowledge on how to uncover opportunities and position yourself as the best candidate.

What makes SMARTer Job Hunting different? First, this book will encourage you to undertake a thorough self-examination before you start your job search campaign. Second, it has tools to evaluate, organize and manage your job search campaign. Third, it details strategies for leveraging social media and inside information from experts to help find hidden jobs faster.

The book instructs you on creating SMARTer Resumes and Cover Letters to maneuver past the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Once you get the interview, this book will help you be prepared for the interview.

SMARTer Job Hunting provides job seekers like you with the knowledge, advanced search tools, career guidance, and coaching support you need to get a job you will treasure.

Product Details

Publisher: ScaleUp Executives Inc.

Author: Dr. Christopher R. Harz, Janet Ahlgren, Stuart Rudolph

Page Count: 356

* Publisher: ScaleUp Executives Inc.

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