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Sea-wolves of the Mediterranean

Sea-wolves of the Mediterranean

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Pirates, buccaneers and privateers have captured our imagination for centuries. Sea-wolves of the Sixteenth Century brings us back in time to one of the premier examples of this unscrupulous profession. Circumstance that were out of their control flung the Moslem population of Southern Spain on to the shores of Northern Africa. Revenge on the foes responsible for this expropriation seemed a logical, and natural step to this warrior race. Much like the present day Somali pirates, people who previously had been simple land-folk or farmers took to piracy as a means of livelihood. This accounting of piracy on the Mediterranean Sea during the grand period of the Moslem corsairs presents written images of their marvelous triumphs, disastrous defeats and, always, their pure audacity. This thoroughly indexed volume was originally published in 1910.

  • Professionally designed hardcover
  • Rounded with Headbands for a classic look
  • Softcover available upon request

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