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Sailing with the Wind of Freedom: Lascarina Bouboulis and the War for Greek Independence

Sailing with the Wind of Freedom: Lascarina Bouboulis and the War for Greek Independence

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In March 1821, a ragtag group of Ottoman subjects in a remote corner of the Sultan’s vast empire makes a desperate bid to reclaim a long-suppressed national identity. United by courageous leaders, they wage war against the power that has occupied their country for over 350 years. One of these leaders, a woman known as Bouboulina, helps them build a naval fleet. Sailing into battle in her own flagship, she proves that her sleek warships can defeat the cumbersome Ottoman men-of-war. But the Sultan is amassing all his forces - on land as well as sea - to crush the Greeks. Can Bouboulina save the Revolution?

This historical novel about Lascarina Bouboulis and her role in the Greek War for Independence is inspired by the life of a woman who earned the title of ‘Admiral’ in the Greek navy. It transports the reader to the seemingly quiet island of Spetses, where dreams of freedom still lived in the hearts of the Sultan’s Greek subjects. The book opens in 1786, at a fateful moment in the life of the fifteen-year-old Lascarina Lazarou. Lascarina is the subject of much gossip; no one in her small village knows who her father is, and Lascarina’s mother takes care to guard this secret even from her own daughter. Worse yet, Lascarina possesses skills considered highly inappropriate for a girl: she is a brilliant sailor and can read and write. When Lascarina competes in a hard-fought sailing race, she learns lessons that will stand her in good stead all her life. In addition, she discovers that, for one young man with an independent mind, a troublesome reputation is no obstacle to friendship. Lascarina passes into history with the name Bouboulina. She brings the battle for freedom to the door of the Sultan’s palace, winning help from a highly unlikely ally to whom she makes a momentous promise. Using her own fortune, she builds a fleet of warships. The resourceful Bouboulina navigates the intrigues of the Russian and Ottoman courts and, with a cast of other colorful Revolutionary characters, rallies her countrymen to wage their War for Independence in 1821. 

  • Author: Katherine Kaye
  • Editor: Brett Peruzzi
  • Illustrator: Dmitri Andreyev

ISBN 978-1-941573-38-9: 6 x 9 Hardcover with Dust Jacket

ISBN 978-1-941573-39-6: 6 x 9 Paperback

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Publisher: Damianos Publishing

Author: Katherine Kaye

Page Count: 156

* Publisher: Damianos Publishing

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