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Public Opinion & Standard Oil

Public Opinion & Standard Oil

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By: Ambrose P. Winston

An excerpt from Public Opinion & Standard Oil Company by Ambrose P. Winston:

The mass of books and other writings on the Standard Oil Company has been too great for most busy people to examine with any thoroughness. It is, however, extremely important that the essential facts in that company's history should be understood with some precision, since the whole course of public sentiment and legislation regarding large wealth will doubtless continue to be influenced powerfully by the prevalent opinion regarding this most famous corporation; the acts and effects attributed to it are taken as representative of the whole wide class to which it belongs. It may, therefore, be used to present a compact resume of the chief accusations which have provoked so bitter hostility towards the company, and a review of the evidence upon which these accusations are based, -together with a few comments as to the significance of that evidence.

Ambrose P. Winston was a professor of economics at Washington University who wrote this paper in 1908 to primarily discuss the case against the Standard Oil Company as presented in Ida M. Tarbell’s book The History of the Standard Oil Company published in 1904.


  • ISBN 978-1-59838-485-7
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Author: Ambrose P. Winston

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