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Philip Nolan's Friends

Philip Nolan's Friends

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By: Edward Everett Hale

Excerpt from the Preface:In reprinting this story, twenty-three years after it was written, it has to me therefore a pathetic interest. As I believe, it relates to forgotten events which have great importance in view of the recent war. At the period when I wrote it, the horrors of the "Virgin�ius" massacre were still fresh, and those words, now so instructive, of General Grant, " If Spain cannot redress these outrages, the United States can and will." The little world of New England chooses to be somewhat surprised with the absolute unanimity of feeling in the Southwest that Spain could never be trusted. I believe now, as I believed in 1876, that the Spanish government laid the foundations for this distrust in its infamous conduct regarding Texas and the Nolan transaction, for which I have never heard any pretence of justification.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598389135
  • 490 pages
  • Paperback : 5 x 8 inches

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