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Paris And The Social Revolution

Paris And The Social Revolution

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By: Alvin Francis Sanborn

An excerpt from Paris and the Social Revolution by Alvin Francis Sanborn:

If the classes did not wish the masses to drink deep of the Pierian spring, they should have had the sense to keep them away from it altogether instead of ingenuously leading them up to sip. As it is, the people have become mentally and morally incapable of blind submission. They cannot be hoodwinked by fine phrases as of yore. Their roused and trained intelligence is rapidly penetrating the shams, puncturing the frauds, and stripping off the shows of republicanism. They will not much longer be put off with the mere forms and formulas of liberty and wellbeing which satisfied them at the start. They are now beginning to demand the things themselves, and they have at last the minds and the manhood necessary to enforce their demand. The illogical, hypocritical, plutocratic republic which they find themselves under disgusts and exasperates them quite as much as would a monarchy. They have resolved to have out-and-out democracy instead of the miserable makeshift for democracy that has been thrown to them as a sop; and have it they will!

Alvin Francis Sanborn was an American journalist who primarily wrote about French culture. In this book, published in 1905, he specifically looks at various revolutionary and counter culture movements such as Anarchists, Socialists, and Bohemians.

  • ISBN 978-1-59838-483-3
  • 7 x 10 Paperback

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Alvin Francis Sanborn

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