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Outlines of Metaphysic

Outlines of Metaphysic

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Herman Lotze was a German philosopher and logician who attended the University of Leipzig at 17 years old. He spent his life writing about Metaphysics, Logic, Science and Philosophy. His work became some of the pioneering efforts in the study of scientific psychology. George T. Ladd, professor of philosophy at Yale College, painstakingly translated these words from the German and used easy to understand English for two reasons: first, to use LotzeAcirc;'s ideas to further the teaching of philosophy, and second, to elevate the educated class. The key to Lotze's theoretical philosophy lies in his metaphysics, where LotzeAcirc;'s goal is to remodel current notions regarding the existence of things and their connections as ideas which language supplies to make them thinkable. Where Acirc;"most universal factors of the ordinary view of the world, ... will be found to include the following suppositions: There are Acirc;'ThingsAcirc;' in indefinite number; every thing supports certain Acirc;'properties,Acirc;' and can, in so far as it has a previous existence, enter into all manner of Acirc;'relationsAcirc;' with other things; and the relations are the reason on account of which Acirc;'changesAcirc;' originate in the things.Acirc;" This book, Outlines of Metaphysic, is divided into three sections: Ontology, Cosmology and Phenomenology. Each section tackles weighty topics such as Acirc;"the conception of reality,Acirc;" Acirc;"of space, time and motionAcirc;" and Acirc;"the subjectivity of cognition.Acirc;" The knowledge of philosophy and metaphysics that we have in the present time very well might be based on the foundations laid by this book back in 1884. First published by Ginn, Heath and Co. in 1884, translated and edited by George T. Ladd, Proffessor of Philosophy at Yale College.

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