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Our Hero, General U.S.Grant

Our Hero, General U.S.Grant

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By: Josephine Pollard

'A Word to the Small Boy': This is a book for boys;-small boys, from six to twelve years of age, who love to read, or to be read to, from books that are not chock full of great big words. It is not a book for girls at all. They will not care for it. The big boy, who does not have to stop to spell out the long words and guess what they mean, will turn up his nose at it. But let him. That will not hurt us. It is the small boy we have set out to please, and if he reads what is here told of U. S. Grant he will--when he grows up--seek to know more of this great and good man, to whom we, of the United States, owe so much. If this book should teach the least one of the small boys to fear God--to do right--to speak the truth --to love peace--and to be brave and true through and through--it will have done all and more than was hoped for by

  • ISBN-13: 9781598383904

  • 202 pages

  • Paperback: 7 x 10 inches

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