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New Jersey Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign

New Jersey Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign

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By: Samuel Toombs

A unique, important contribution to Civil War history. Written in 1888 from the perspective of the rank and file, NEW JERSEY TROOPS IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN chronicles the events and difficult conditions faced by Union troops on the march to Gettysburg, and in the battle itself. Presented within the overall context of the Army of the Potomac’s strategic movements, this accounting describes the hardships and personal sacrifices of the soldiers as well as their heroic achievements. It is the clear focus on the experiences of these men that sets this book apart from other chronicles of the time. NEW JERSEY TROOPS IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN, written with the cooperation of members of regimental organizations and with personal reminiscences of many of the surviving troops, stands as a unique, important contribution to the history of the American Civil War. The author, Samuel Toombs (1844-1889), served as a Sergeant in Company F, Thirteenth Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598380002

  • Page Count: 426

  • Book Height: 8.5 x Width: 1.0625 x Length: 5.5 inches

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