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My Name Is...

My Name Is...

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By: Dr. Wesley L. King

There were people on the shore waving at me but no one was coming to help me. Suddenly the head of a giant anaconda came up out of the water, right by my head... I awoke sweating with terror. I wanted to die, but not that way. As I lay there shaking with fear, a light began to appear over my head and it got brighter and brighter. I had never seen such a bright, beautiful light; all the colors of the rainbow bathing me with their beauty. The light shimmered and swirled and then came together in the form of a man's face. Never before had I seen a face like this. It was not a jungle face and it was a kinder face than I could ever have imagined. He smiled at me as no one had ever smiled before and his eyes looked down into the depths of my soul. I wanted to reach out to him but I wasn't able to move. The warmth of his eyes and his smile spoke of love to me, a love that I so longed to know. Then he spoke in a whisper. "I love you. I will always be with you." Then his image began fading away as he was still saying those words, "I love you. I will always be with you. I love you. I will always be with you..." Tears formed in my eyes and gently trickled down my cheeks. Who was this person that loved me? This story is based on real people and many real events known to the author. The names of the real-life characters in the story have been changed. The names of the places are factual.

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