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Letters of Count von Moltke Volume II

Letters of Count von Moltke Volume II

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By: Count von Moltke

Excerpt taken from Volume I: Frau von Moltke is described as a woman of medium height, a good figure and proud, repellent manners. Large, intelligent eyes, an aquiline nose, firmly set lips, and waving, powdered hair, gave her face an unusually marked individuality. But though she was reserved and grave, almost stern, she had a passionate nature and a tender, faithful heart. Her understanding was excellent; she was mistress of several languages, and expressed herself in writing, even in moments of the deepest agitation, with equal clearness and brevity.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598388107

  • Page Count: 258

  • Book Height: 9 x Width: 0.5625 x Length: 6 inches

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