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Letters of Colonel Thomas Westbrook and Others

Letters of Colonel Thomas Westbrook and Others

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"Lieutenant-Governor Dummer was so thoroughly identified with the events of the struggle that the war is frequently referred to as Dummer's War" This collection of papers, from 1722 to 1726, relates to the turbulent period in the history in which an Indian war raged in the District of Maine, of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay. Colonel Westbrook was commissioned to command an expedition transporting troops, ammunition and supplies to the forts on the coast. This volume includes letters and documents from Colonel Thomas Westbrook and his contemporaries, orders and letters of instruction from the Lieutenant-Governor, and reports from the Colonel which provide detailed accounts of the progress of the war. Many of these papers first appeared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register. This edition, originally published in 1901, includes the muster-rolls of thirty-six companies and eight armed vessels. Illustrative notes by recognized historian and genealogist, William Trask, enhance the historic value of the original papers. Also included are an appendix and index.

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