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K9 Fitzgerald Sniffs Out Bullies “Rico & The Rhinos”

K9 Fitzgerald Sniffs Out Bullies “Rico & The Rhinos”

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By: Laura Louise | Edited By: Mary Beth Britten Greene | Illustrated By: Simon Goodway

Come on an adventure with K-9 Fitzgerald! As a lovable canine , Fitzgerald faces his own struggles and finds the strength to succeed. Watch as your new best friend sniffs out bullies all over the place! After K-9 Fitzgerald finds the courage within himself, he helps others do the same. Join K-9 Fitzgerald's journey to spread comfort and joy to everyone!

The second book in the series, this is the story of K9 Fitzgerald, who continues to beat the odds by sniffing out bullies to help children in need. The story begins when K9 Fitzgerald leaves his K9 Academy graduation and overhears a little boy crying at the ballpark. He introduces himself to the little league ballplayer, Rico, and discovers that the boy is being bullied by his teammates because he is small.

K9 Fitzgerald relates to Rico and explains how the boot made for his short front paw helped him overcome his own bullies at the K9 Academy. K9 Fitzgerald and Rico strike up a friendship, and–with the help of Officer Tommy–set out to train Rico to be the best baseball player he can be. They practice hitting and throwing, catching and running the bases, too.

Soon enough, Rico goes from striking out at bat to hitting home runs! Ready to show his teammates, the Rhinos, all that he has learned, Rico confidently steps up to plate at the championship baseball game. With K9 Fitzgerald cheering him on from the stands, Rico plays the best game he’s ever played–helping his team win the game!

As K9 Fitzgerald, Officer Tommy, and Marion the Librarian leave the baseball diamond in their truck, K9 Fitzgerald hears a young girl dressed in a pink tutu crying–presumably caused by a bully–outside of a dance studio. This is where the adventure continues for our protagonist, K9 Fitzgerald!

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  • Paperback and Hardcover: 64 pages

  • ISBN-13: 978-1-5422-0743-0 (PB) & 978-1-5422-0754-6 (HC)

  • Book Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.25 inches

Product Details

Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Laura Louise

Page Count: 64

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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