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K9 Fitzgerald Sniffs Out Bullies: Lela The Comfort Dog

K9 Fitzgerald Sniffs Out Bullies: Lela The Comfort Dog

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By: Laura Louise | Edited By: Mary Beth Britten Greene | Illustrated By: Simon Goodway

Come on another adventure with K-9 Fitzgerald! As a lovable and supportive adopted dog, K9 Fitzgerald faced his own struggles and found the courage within himself to succeed. And now he’s on a mission to help others find their inner strength to overcome obstacles.

As the third book in the series, this story begins where the second book left off: K9 Fitzgerald leaves the Rhinos baseball championship game and overhears a young girl dressed in a pink tutu crying on a bench outside a tap dancing dance studio. He introduces himself to the little girl, whose name is Elle Madeline, and discovers that a few of her dance teammates are bullying her because her stage fright causes her to make missteps. K9 Fitzgerald points to his blue boot and explains how he overcame bullying at the K9 Academy and helped his friend Rico do the same. In this book, Marion the Librarian dusts off her tap dance shoes and along with K9 Fitzgerald, helps Elle Madeline gain confidence on the stage.

They also introduce Lela, the comfort dog, who becomes Elle Madeline’s new furry friend! As Marion the Librarian, K9 Fitzgerald and Elle Madeline practice the tap dance steps together, Lela teaches Elle Madeline tricks to relax so she can perform with ease. Discover how Elle Madeline conquers her fears at the annual dance recital and finds a lifelong furry friend of her own in the process!

But the work isn’t done. As K9 Fitzgerald, Officer Tommy and Marion the Librarian leave Elle Madeline’s dance recital, K9 Fitzgerald spots a young child in a karate outfit looking very sad. So the adventure continues for our protagonist, K9 Fitzgerald!

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  • Paperback and Hardcover: 56 pages

  • ISBN-13: 978-1-5422-1281-6 (PB) & 978-1-5422-1282-3 (HC)

  • Book Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.25 inches

Product Details

Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Laura Louise

Page Count: 64

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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