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John Jay

John Jay

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This biography of John Jay, Chief Justice of the United States from 1789 to 1795, is a successor to his LIFE AND LETTERS by his son, Judge William Jay. In this volume, his nephew, George Pellew, draws from personal observations as well as from Jay's correspondence with contemporaries both in the United Stated and abroad. The resulting portrait is that of a conscientious, upright, just and wise American statesman whose storied career also included serving as a Revolutionary leader, Minister to Spain, Envoy to Great Britain and Governor of New York. During John Jay's tenure as Chief Justice, while few causes came before the court, three major issues were determined: the dignity of the court was vindicated from encroachment by the federal executive and legislative departments, its jurisdiction was established over the state governments and foreign policy of the time was set. Describing Jay's career and impact on a young nation, the author deftly portrays the man and sheds light on the motives and movements of the time. Includes author footnotes. Originally published in 1890 as part of the American Statesmen Series.

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