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Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, The Volume LI

Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, The Volume LI

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TIn order to establish a dominant church in New France after Champlain's death, Jesuit missionaries were dispatched from France with the goal of creating a utopian Christian community. Each volume in this series chronicles the travels and explorations of those Jesuit missionaries through New France from 1610 to 1791. These documents are the sole written historical record of the early years of New France. The complete set is written in 73 volumes and includes the original French, Latin and Italian texts along with English translations and notes. Richly illustrated in black & white with portraits, maps and facsimiles, the documents bring us into the lives of the Ottowas, Lower Canadians and Iroquois from 1666-1668.

  • Professionally designed hardcover
  • Rounded with Headbands for a classic look
  • Softcover available upon request
  • Charts and drawings included throughout the text.

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