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Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement

Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement

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By: Albert Einstein, Ph. D

Excerpt from Preface:Albert Einstein was born on 14 March, 1879, in Ulm. When he was only six weeks old his parents moved to Munich, where he spent his infancy, and went to school until his fourteenth year. When fifteen he came to Switzerland, attended for another year the Gymnasium in Aarau, and took there his school leaving examination. Then he studied Mathematics and Physics in the Zurich Polytechnic, where Minkowski was one of his teachers. In 1902 he came to Berne as Engineer in the Patent Office, and in addition to his duties there, prepared himself for the examination for his Doctor's degree, which he took in the year 1905. At this time there appeared in rapid succession his first great works on the foundations of molecular physics, of which those relating to the Brownian motions are collected in this little volume...

  • ISBN-13: 9781598384376

  • Page Count: 142

  • Book Height: 8 x Width: 0.3125 x Length: 5 inches

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