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Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration

Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration

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This compilation provides a unique perspective of the development of trade unions, wage scales and the practical workings of the systems in the hosiery, building, coal and iron industries among others. Illustrating an important chapter in the history of industry and labor, this report, compiled and published at the request of the Massachusetts Legislature in 1881, draws from the data at the Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics of Labor. The information presented relates to industrial conciliation and arbitration abroad as well as in the United States and is therefore divided in three parts: the first relating to England, the second to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the third to other states. Earlier reports by Joseph D. Weeks, Special Commissioner of the State of Pennsylvania, are also referenced. Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration was originally published by Rand, Avery, & Co., in 1881, and contains tables detailing wages and costs throughout.

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