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I'm Still Standing (From Challenge to Intimate Victory)

I'm Still Standing (From Challenge to Intimate Victory)

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By: Sharon Jones Arrington

 In the midst of challenges and trials, we can think that God has forgotten us. However, God has an ultimate plan and something entirely different in mind. Difficulties are the birthplace for us to find authentic and lasting spiritual intimacy and are very often the means by which we can enter into inner joy. To help you discover this truth, Sharon Arrington writes her painful and powerful story, which portrays God's amazing grace in using her tragedies and traumas and turning them into triumphs.

As Sharon retells her story, you will learn that God has been and continues to be everything that we will allow Him to be to us. Today, she is still standing with faith in God as her father, mother, mate, friend, Saviour, and even coach toward better mental health. The list is endless.

5.25 x 8 Paperback

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Sharon Jones Arrington

Page Count: 132

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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