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I Go A-Fishing

I Go A-Fishing

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"Good friend, you have read the title-page hereof, telling you that I propose to go a-fishing, and the table of contents, which has given you some idea as to where I think of going. If you turn over this leaf it will imply that you accept the invitation to go with me. But be warned in time. The best of anglers does not always find fish; and the most skillful casting of a fly does not always bring up trout. Often chubs and perch and red. fins-yea, even pickerel and pumpkin-seeds-rise to the fly, and you may be thereat disgusted. You can not be sure that you will find what you want, or what you will like, if you go beyond this page. If, however, you have the true angler's spirit, and will go a-fishing prepared to have a good day of it, even though the weather tum out vile and the sport wretched, then tum over the leaf and let us be starting. " -Will you Go?

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: W. C. Prime

Page Count: 366

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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