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By: Carl Sextus

"Carl Sextus is a small man with a light brown mustache-a man who would pass through a throng unnoticed, unless you caught sight of his eye. If by chance your eye should meet his, you might not feel a trembling in your limbs, but you certainly would say to yourself: "Here is a remarkable man." For his eye is one of those thing which possess a strange fascination for the beholder. As an organ of vision it perhaps does not differ from others. It is brown in color and the pupil is very large and healthy looking. Thousands of men in Chicago have similar eyes. But this eye has a mysterious power, which is felt by everyone who is fixed with it. This power the most learned physician would despair of locating and describing, and it has no scientific name. Still, it exists. It is probably gleamed in the eyes of Caesar and Napoleon. But there is the difficulty. Napoleon swayed men's bodies; the hypnotist dominates men's minds. The subject obeyed the commands of the emperor because he knew that it was to the interest of his peace and happiness not to disobey him who had power to kill or torture him; the subject obeys Carl Sextus because he cannot help it."

  • ISBN-13: 9781598383096
  • Page Count: 314
  • Book Height: 8.5 x Width: 0.75 x Length: 5.5 inches

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