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History of Western Massachusetts: Volume 2

History of Western Massachusetts: Volume 2

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The 2nd volume of this two-volume set is an invaluable resource of the beginnings and origins of the towns that incorporate Western Massachusetts. ? The area of Granville was sold by a Native American chief to James Cornish in 1686. ? The inhabitants of Chicopee fled to Springfield every time the native Americans attacked. ? The present town of Ludlow was originally an area called "Stony Hill" that the author refers to as a "rude country" due to its wild environs. ? Southwick's collection of records were partially misplaced and then used for a journal instead of their original purposes. ? In the 1720s Catherine Noble was the first teacher of Westfield and was paid 25 shillings a month. ? Northampton was the home of Caleb Strong who served the people for years as a Senator under the new Constitution and then Governor of Northampton for seven years. He retired vowing never to leave home again, until the people cried for him to serve. ? Holland takes particular pains to cite the facts around the area's houses of worship to the minutest detail, even citing the assigned seating in the pews. ? When the town of Lee was first incorporated their first vote was to send soldiers off to war to fight for the Revolution. ? The first settlers in the town of Pittsfield were almost all Congregationalists. ? The famous Jonathan Edwards was sent to Stockbridge to be a missionary to the Housatonic Native Americans. These are just a few of the thousands of facts this book lays bare about this old American area Whether you are a Bay Stater or just a Mass-phile, this glimpse into the past can satisfy even the keenest historical scholar. First published in 1855 by publisher Samual Bowles and Co. Springfield, Massachusetts.

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