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Historic Costume Chronicle of Fashion

Historic Costume Chronicle of Fashion

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By: Francis M. Kelly & Randolph Schwabe

This book focuses on six style periods and the major elements of each. It begins with the Italianate (1490-1510) and the use of tight hose, gables and the French hoods. During the German Element (1510-1545) we see the rise of jerkins and slashing on sleeves. Progressing to the Spanish Bombast (1545-1620) reveals padding, busks and farthingales. With the advent of the "Van Dyke" fashions (1620-1655), emphasis shifts to boots, lace and linens.The Grand Regne (1655-1715) marks the rise of ribbons, perwigs, and cravats. The authors conclude their overview with "paniers, powder and queue" (1715-1790).

  • ISBN-13: 9781598381504
  • Page Count: 326
  • Book Height: 9.25 x Width: 0.75 x Length: 6.125 inches

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