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Henry Clay Volume I

Henry Clay Volume I

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A complete biography in two volumes, these two books chronicles the life of the great orator and the American statesman Henry Clay, who was known for his diplomatic statesmanship in healing dissensions. A man of fiery, impetuous, emotional temperament would be expected to prove a strenuous partisan but not so with Clay who managed to get upon both sides of many of the great questions that arose in his day. As a result, a biography of Clay takes shape almost as a history of the U.S. during the period between the downfall of Federalism and the exclusive predominance of the slave question. Volume I encompasses Clay's youth and years as a Kentucky lawyer, his beginnings in legislation, The Missouri Compromise, his role as Secretary of State, and the campaign of 1832. The author draws on excerpts from Clay's speeches, correspondence and papers to reveal the man who stated that the paramount object of his public life was the preservation of the Union. This book was originally published in 1889 as part of the American Statesmen Series

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